Driving in traffic

Before I say what I’m feeling today, I’d like to say that I am loving having my wife here. She’s my safe place and it’s so good to have her near me again. We had a great day exploring the National WW2 museum and then exploring the French Quarter on the bike.

Today was a good test for me.

I’ve had some good days and was feeling really good about my progression. What was worrying me and hanging over my head was that I really hadn’t experienced much stress to really test me.

Riding through downtown New Orleans was just what I needed. Said tongue in cheek.

Having my wife on the back of the bike, being close to cars, crazy pedestrians, bicycles and a myriad of other crazy things were really working my mind over time.

I worked hard at keeping calm. It doesn’t feel like a huge victory and I have to say that tonight I am really burned out. A very taxing day. I have three more days of this and I might just crack.

Some pics from the museum today, including one of my great uncles name on the wall of lost submariners. He was on the USS Grayback.

8 thoughts on “Driving in traffic”

  1. Even for someone without PTSD, NOLA is a lot to handle. Take care! I’m happy for you and your wife that you get to spend a few days together.


  2. Glad your wife could visit…happy space for sure!! Otherwise…a step at a time Foe…a step at a time…you’ll be fine!!


  3. For me, New Orleans would be a non-starter. I’ve learned to avoid situations that I think will stress me out. I don’t need to ‘test’ myself – I know I will be bummed out and it’s just a matter of how much. That which relaxes the mind is good; that which causes depression or anxiety is bad. Be in tune with what your mind and body are telling you and protect yourself. I hope your stay in New Orleans is good for you.


  4. hang in there jake. it sounds like youre having a good time with your wife. i was in N.O. several years ago with my 2nd wife. we boarded a cruise ship there. i didnt get to see alot of it. our hotel was just down the street from the stadium, so, i saw that, we toured the french quarter a little, and went to cafe du monde for chicory coffee and beignets. i would have loved that museum, but, she wasnt into that kind of stuff. enjoy the rest of your stay there.


  5. I don’t care for riding in heavy traffic in any city. So if I were to ever take my bike to Nawlins, my safe word would be “Uber”.


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