Day 28.

I’m four weeks in! I keep telling people that I’m on a two month trip around the US. I may have to reconsider that timeframe. Not making it shorter or not completing the trip, but actually taking longer. I have to keep in mind that I’ve had quite a few off the bike days so far and that’s added to my time. I don’t have many more family stops after this. Maybe 4 days total in Virginia and then it’s a long stretch to Seattle.

I’m still enjoying it and I’m definitely getting the hang of it all. My back is sore and I don’t sleep especially well but I can handle that. I think.

Today I left Tennessee and took some beautiful, obscure backroads into Ashville North Carolina. Picked up a chip and then began the Blue Ridge Parkway right at the starting point.

It’s overcast and sometimes raining. A good mist at all times. Just enough to require the rain jacket and helmet visor. I even threw on my chaps which I haven’t worn since day two in Texas. I needed the warmth on my legs, it’s 62 degrees out. The fog is so thick at times that the limited traffic is crawling along. I’ve seen quite a few motorcycles today so I’m in good company and must be doing something right.

It’s hard to convince myself to pull over and take a picture of the vistas. The cloud cover makes most of them not really worth it.

I had a gas station breakfast this morning, meaning snacks and crap not worth eating. I stopped for lunch at a roadside resort town called Little Switzerland. This is the view from my table, no joke.

And my lunch…roast beef sandwich. Mmm.

I’ll let you know how the rest of the parkway works out later.

7 thoughts on “Day 28.”

  1. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, maybe you’re holding back. But you seem to be more at peace with yourself after these 28 days on the road. And better able to handle anger and social interactions, one of the obstacles you hoped to overcome while on your journey to redefine yourself.

    I – and perhaps those afflicted with PTSD – would be interested to hear your thoughts about what you have learned and how to apply those learnings in everyday life. No expectation for you to answer immediately and not naive enough to think that all is now perfect in your world, but something to think about.

    We’re all pulling for you. God Bless.


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