Appreciate where you are.

First, before I get started, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been commenting, emailing, sending private messages or texting. I cannot possibly get back to you all but I wanted to say how much I appreciate it. I am able to read them all, to be sure. Thanks a ton. Keep them coming.

Today started off exactly as planned. Topped off the tank and met my friend whom I haven’t spent more than 10 minutes of time with in 14 years. It’s odd but I can’t describe the feelings I had when we were back together. I spent some time thinking about it today and I decided that I just felt safe. I didn’t need to worry at all how he felt, what he thought of me or even if I could trust him. He knows me. Even 14 years later. It was nice. Thanks Sapper.

Regarding my title for the day.

I had quite a few moments today where I was anxious about all that I still had ahead of me. I found myself obsessing over cities and waypoints. Things I wanted to see. Then I’d snap myself back. Look where I am! It was an amazing day. Sure, there were some sections of road that I wouldn’t do again, but still, I was seeing new terrain. New places that I had never been. I just needed to relax and appreciate exactly where I was. Tomorrow will come. Tomorrow. I don’t need it here today. I want to be in today for all it’s worth. Otherwise I’ll get to the end and I’ll have missed it all.

I first taught myself this mantra when I was taking mountain bike too seriously. Meaning I was “training” and taking all of the fun out of it. The mantra is “Stop. Breathe. Look.” I just needed to enjoy what was around me and I couldn’t do that riding with an agenda. No agendas. At some point on the trail, maybe when it’s most inconvenient, just stop. Get your breathing in check. Look up. Look around. It’s an amazing world. Try to see it.

Anyway. I’ve been working on that today.

So far I’ve done 510 miles. I’m sitting in a little café in Alpine Arizona because they have internet. I’ll continue about another 23 miles because apparently there’s free camping ahead. I guess I’ll find out. Local time is 5:57 and that’s a good enough day.

The next section of road is called the Devils Highway. It used to be designated 666. Now people say it’s haunted. Quite a bit of lore about it. Lots of twists and turns and it should be fun. Then I’ll make it down to Tombstone where I’ll probably just stop for the day to explore.

Thanks for following along.

Pics are from the Petrified Forest National park.

Lee’s Ferry crossing, cool history.

Sapper J.

Quick update:

I did 528.2 miles yesterday. I found the most amazing campsite and it was free! If every night is like this, I’ll have it made.

One thought on “Appreciate where you are.”

  1. No rush Brother. You really don’t have a destination it’s all about the journey. Buying my bike 4 years ago was the best therapy I could find. The VA just wants to throw pills at us. I did Highway 666 three years ago with Anderson on our way back from Tombstone. I see your route will eventually take you through Bisbee. There is a place by the mine called the Breakfast Club. Awesome breakfast there, I recommend the corned beef hash! Keep the shiny side up I am excited for you!

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