A post script to July 3rd.

About 10 miles after dinner I’m really starting to think about where I’ll be camping. The sun is quickly setting and I’d prefer not to set up camp in the dark.

As I’ve posted before, it’s really hit or miss asking my nav or Google for places to camp. Against my better judgement I went with the closest camping option on my nav.

It proceeds to take me on some crazy back roads where there is actually a town. Rumney New Hampshire. Amazing. They even had a cemetary that required fields on both sides of the road. I pulled into the Baker Campground and of course the office is closed. Dejected, I walk back to my bike. A voice calls after me. A kind woman checks me in and charges me $10 less than the nightly rate. I also got a spot overlooking the Baker River.

I also obviously have cell service. That means I get to call my wife tonight which is a major plus.

Why is it that some days I’m able to rise above the crap I’ve been handed? I really wish I could figure that out. Right now I feel like a normal person and I’m happy.

To a better tomorrow…

Oh. I totally forgot to say that the weather is so nice right now. This is the first night in forever that I haven’t lost 10lbs in sweat weight while setting up my tent in the humidity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still humid. I can’t wait until I get back west to dry heat.

8 thoughts on “A post script to July 3rd.”

  1. Glad you over came that crappy dealer experience. You know what caused it, right? You talking crap about me having to go clear to vegas for oil changes…. karma can be an ugly bitch….

    Glad you found good place to camp, that view is awesome.

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  2. Had to chuckle at today’s posts.

    Liz and I are in South Dakota, Rapid City to be specific. We toured Mount Rushmore, the wildlife loop (where we were up-close with buffalo and an asshole from Texas revving his Harley, which scared the calves and bulls), and the Crazy Horse Monument. Way too many stupid people. We feel your pain and came close to creating casualties. Good thing I was not riding with my firearm today, tomorrow will be different..

    Shame on the dealer in NH. Travelers get priority, period! They are the ones carrying the brand! Again, stupid people.

    I hope your riding experience (and ours) improves.

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  3. Today’s posts where a bit of comic relief. Murphy’s Law and poor business practices to compound it. I’ve never had an experience that bad before but I would make damn sure I let the HD Moco know about it when they send you the email for your review. Maybe it will help the next traveler so there’s that aspect if you are reluctant about following up on it.

    As for your tire warranty. Purchase a tire tread depth gauge from any parts store and keep it on the bike. Check your tire periodically and before you get below 3/32 find a nail. 🙂 You bought the coverage, make use of it. The saddest part of that whole tire tread depth debacle is the dealer is out ZERO dollars for the work as the HD Moco picks up the tab. WTF cares about a .5/32 when all that needs to be done is enter the 3/32 measurement?!!! It’s not like they have to ship the tire to HD Moco so the tread depth can be verified……Cripes!

    Not sure if you understand or have thought that rising above all of today’s adversities is because you are finding a sense of normalcy. It doesn’t mean you’ll find it every day but finding it yesterday is progress.

    While you are up in New England see if you can land yourself a Lobsta Roll and some Moxie soda. Both are staples of that area and worthy of a try.


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