This feels like a big moment.

I’ve reached my easternmost point of my trip and I’ve turned back towards the west…and home.

Still a very long way to go but this feels good.

Pictures were taken in Northport Maine.

6 thoughts on “This feels like a big moment.”

  1. This is a good moment. Glad you made the trip. And you have your blog to look back from time to time as you wonder or just for review. I’m convinced that one day you will look back through your log and realize how important it was to take this trip and to share your feelings, thoughts, photos, and word each day. Thank you for doing that. You ARE getting closer to home in more ways than you might realize at this point in time. Prayers for safe arrival home. You may even want to contine your blog?? Who knows?? Godspeed!

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    1. That’s a very big reason I wanted to journal this trip. I want to remember as many details as I can and I won’t be able to do that if I don’t write it down.


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