I’m in a good place.

Both mentally and physically.

I appreciate all of the comments and personal messages after yesterday’s post. You all know how to pick me up.

I wish I didn’t get all clingy but sometimes it happens.

Today was better.

Last night I camped literally in the back yard of a Harley Davidson dealership in New York. They had closed at 3pm on Saturday and weren’t open on Sunday. Plus they had a large lawn area which backed up to a bunch of trees. Perfect.

Unfortunately it dropped to 50 degrees overnight and all of my stuff got soaked from the dew in the air. It was so fun to put on wet clothes this morning and to put away wet gear.

Ignoring all of that, I began to head south towards Pennsylvania. I was hungry so I was on the lookout for a mom and pop cafe. None. Town after town. Not that there weren’t any open, there just weren’t any. I finally resolved to stop at the next breakfast place open, whatever it was.


Yay. But at this point it was 10:30 and I was really hungry. I’d already put in over 100 miles. A nice Vietnam vet in the lobby shook my hand and handed me $10 for my next tank of gas. McDonald’s ended up being a good place after all.

I’d received a message from Rob offering me dinner and a place to stay if I was heading through his town in Ohio. I checked the map and it was right on my way. Perfect!

So here I am. Cool. Dry. Comfortable. My clothes are in the laundry, I got a shower in and we had an amazing steak dinner. All that and I get to sleep in a bed tonight. I was even able to pull out all of my wet gear and laid it out to dry. It’s fun being able to really get to know people. I get tired of talking to myself.

I’m in a good place.

Tomorrow I’ll head off towards Dayton Ohio and the Air Force Museum.

5 thoughts on “I’m in a good place.”

  1. sometimes, its just the little things that can pick us all up the best. a comfy bed to sleep in. a roof overhead. clean, dry clothing. a nice steak dinner, or $10 from a stranger for gas. mine today was seeing an old friend that i hadnt seen or talked to for awhile. his wife of many years passed a little over 2 years ago after a VERY lengthy illness. my friend was in a bad place for quite some time. seeing him made my day. hes doing much better. hes started dating someone. hes happy.
    no great big revelation here. its just the little things. another friend told me just the other day….”try to find a little happiness every day”. im glad you and i both found some happiness today.

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  2. So glad to hear you found a great place to “dry out” and get some good rest! Sounds like you are getting to know a lot of folks and many will stay in touch for life!! Ride safe Foe…

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