Much easier.

I’m melting. But at least I feel relaxed.

I arrived at Adam Sandoval’s K Campground in Moyers Oklahoma about 30 minutes ago. It’s 95 degrees and super humid. I am dripping in all sorts of places. It’s shady and peaceful though and a river is running near my camping spot. It’s a beautiful place in the world and I’m glad I stopped.

I’m writing this without internet so unless I get lucky, this will be uploaded tomorrow, the 3rd.

I left Fruitland Texas this morning at about 7:30. The first 30 miles were beautiful rolling hills and tree lined streets. Then it opened up to grasslands and ranches. Except for the first few days in SW Texas, it’s been a surprising State.

I stopped in Gainesville for a tank top off and breakfast. Here’s the thing. I’d always much rather support a mom and pop cafe than a chain restaurant but according to Google and a quick back and forth through town, there weren’t any. I resorted to Starbucks. At least they’re consistent.

Today I was trying to take my time. I knew my planned destination wasn’t very far away so the more time I spent doing random things. The less time I’d have doing nothing in camp.

I pit stopped in Sherman for a Harley poker chip. This place easily has the nicest staff of any dealership so far. I picked up a cooling vest. It’s something you soak with water and it keeps your core temperature down without getting you wet. Pretty neat idea. Now that I have one though I’m sure there will be record lows on the rest of my journey. That’s fine, maybe it’ll finally justify the full coat I’ve been lugging along.

Next I put the cruise control at 75mph and made my way to Paris. Texas that is. Picked up another poker chip there and took a picture of Adam’s motorcycle, the “warhorse”. That thing is beat down. I truly hope my motorcycle doesn’t look like that when I’m done. I’d cry a little.

I am dripping so much sweat while I type this. Humidity sucks.

I then did some touristy stuff in Paris. I went to see their version of the Eiffel Tower. Topped with a cowboy hat of course. It also happened to be by a very nicely done Veterans Park so a strolled through there as well.

At lunch I asked what their special was. My wife can tell you this rarely works out for me. Some of my worst meals out have been the restaurants “special”. And of course, like every other place in the south, it was…chicken fried steak. It wasn’t bad, just not a ton of flavor. Oh well.

Heading north now I finally left Texas after 6 days and about 1700 miles. I think. It’s all starting to blend together.

I also hit my first turnpike. $1, right at my exit.

All in all, today was a good day. No issues, no problems and just a good day on a motorcycle.

I was kind of dreading getting through Texas. It ended up being a great ride with good experiences and beautiful scenery.

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks. The rest of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Then up the East coast. Should be a beautiful ride. If I don’t completely melt.

Am I getting the hang of this? Maybe. I’d like to think so. I’m 9 days in. I’ve camped 5 nights so far. Tonight will be the 6th. I sleep ok and that’s kind of a big deal. If I wasn’t getting sleep, this would be much harder.

I’m eating fine and that’s the hardest part to keep the costs down on. Tonight’s dinner is crackers and beef jerky. That’s fine with me.

Not to ramble but I just realized I haven’t missed riding my bike one time. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing but it does mean I must be content

with what I’m doing, otherwise I’d be wishing I was doing something else.

With that, I’ll sign off for the day.

Maybe I’ll go swimming.

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