If only every day can be like today.

I currently find myself sitting next to a pool, enjoying the cool night air and a great conversation with Tim.

Tim drove all the way from Tyler Texas just to meet up with me in Eureka Springs Arkansas. If that was all he did that would be enough. He also put me up in a hotel for the night and he’s intent on showing me some amazing rides in the area tomorrow. Tim sees me in a way that I struggle to see myself. I appreciate his candor and his kindness.

The day only gets better though. What I just mentioned was the end of the day. Wait until you hear the rest of it.

I woke up this morning with a dead cell phone. I’d camped at the K River Campground which was gorgeous but unfortunately didn’t have any cell service and my phone died quickly. Anyway, as I was packing up, Adam Sandoval came over to see me off and we ended up chatting for almost an hour. That’s pretty personalized service for a camp ground host. He was interested in my route for the day and he was able to offer a suggestion. One I might add that I had been told about before but apparently it takes someone with some celebrity status to convince me.

The route was the Talimena scenic highway between Talihina OK and Mena AR.

It was beautiful. Green and thickly forested, the road was smooth and had a speed limit of 55mph.

I was rolling along, enjoying the day, when a black bear suddenly ran across the road right in front of me. I was shocked and so I called my wife and told her that she’d never believe what I just saw. We talked for about 20 minutes and then hung up. 5 minutes later, another bear ran across the road! This one so close that I actually had to hit the brakes. I called my wife back. She laughed. It was crazy and I still grin when I think about it. So rare.

From Mena I made my way back into Oklahoma because I had an appointment I didn’t want to miss. A gentleman named John had messaged me and offered to buy me lunch and to show me some great roads. I made it on time and we had lunch sitting along the Illinois river, watching rafters meander down the calm waters shaded by huge trees. I was a little jealous. It was great riding with someone again. I just followed along, enjoying the day without having to worry about where I was going. John took me from northern Oklahoma into Arkansas via some winding farm roads. I would never have gone that way on my own and I am grateful for his guidance.

What a great day that I’m fortunate enough to have two amazing people take time out of their busy lives to spend a few miles with me.

It’s hard to be down on yourself at times like this and I have to say, I can’t remember feeling better.

One bad thing though. My daughter called and asked if she could have a kitten. I said yes. I’m going to return home to a zoo.

So here I am in Eureka Springs. It’s a neat little “mountain” town in the Ozarks. It’s surrounded by seemingly endless miles of heaven created

motorcycle roads. Tim will be my guide tomorrow and I’m excited, apparently a ferry and a lake will be involved in our journey, which will culminate at a town literally called Hot Springs. Yes.

I get to sleep in a real bed tonight and things are good.

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