That’s not a word but that’s what we did today.

Took it easy this morning and then rolled into NO at about 10am. We wandered around for awhile and then I took my wife on a trip. Something that took her waaay outside her comfort bubble. She hates alligators. They really freak her out.

I had signed us up for a swamp tour. Not a chintzy airboat one but on a big swamp boat where you can walk around and actually learn something. We definitely got what we paid for and Megan surprised me by really getting involved, although she still breathed a big sigh of relief when we came back to dry land. I’m very proud of her.

Back in NO we wandered around some more, grabbed some dinner and then rode back to the hotel.

What I haven’t mentioned is that Megan was born in NO. She lived here for almost two years and has no memory of the place. Her mom however remembered their address and so we searched out Megan’s childhood home. It was a neat experience to be with her as she rediscovered her roots.

All good stuff.

12 thoughts on “Touristing”

  1. Brother,
    Looks (pictures) and sounds (blog) like you are really having a good time on the ride and now time with the wife. I am very happy for you and your family, I just know you will be a better man for having done this for yourself. Would like to give a big shout out to your wife for being so supportive, she most be a very strong woman. You stay strong, ride safe, and enjoy the little things in life; the big one will work themselves out.

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  2. cool pictures jake! well…except for the gators! they creep me out too! they taste good, but, no way do i wanna hold one! glad you two are having fun!

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  3. Jake and Meghan, you make a great looking couple. Got yourself a purty one there Jake.:) Again, great pics, glad you two are having a nice time in NO.

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  4. Looks like a great day in the swamp, did’ja holler “choot’um,choot’um” when ya seen a gator? Looks like your havin a ball. It’s good fer your soul.

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  5. Foe,
    Good to see you enjoying your time in the South. Our CVMA Chapter (MS 44-1) is participating in the PGR’s “Ride for the 22” (an event to bring awareness to veteran suicides) tomorrow (Sat 6/9). The ride begins in Bay St Louis, MS and travels along the coast to the American Legion in Gautier, MS. You are more than welcome to join us if you’d like. We’ll arrive at the starting point for the event NLT 0915. Join us if you can. If you think you will make it, PM me on the forums or email me and let know.
    – Gunz

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      1. I understand. When you travel across the MS coast, chapter 44-1 is here. Hit me up if your time permits.
        Safe travels!
        – Gunz


  6. I enjoy following your trip, Jake. And am so glad your wife was able to join. She’s truly a good sport and has such a pretty smile. I’m with CVMA 11-1 Aux. My husband is Ironhead Jerry Culberson. We’ve experienced the ugliness of PTSD with two severe episodes (run about 6 months each). He is now on medication that has stopped the PTSD and he’s not able to work (due to back surgery) so “rests most of the time in his chair with his cat.” We miss going on rides and going anywhere, really, because he can no longer sit or stand or walk very far. I pray for you every day and hope that you find some resolution from the demons on your trip. You and your wife are to be congratulated for taking this step. A good motorcycle ride can’t be beat for some real freedom. Keep on on riding and loving and supporting one another. I don’t know if my information stays with your new address, so will type it in again.
    Ina (Iron Lady) Culberson 11-1

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