Rain suit test

Yep. Today was the day.

While riding back from the Naval Aviation Museum, I got caught in a very good southern thunderstorm. Deluge.

I was smart enough to see it coming and so I’d pulled over to put on the brand new rainsuit. I also put the face shield onto my 3/4 helmet.

It worked very well, minus a few lessons learned. Lesson 1. Make sure the velcro cover over the front zipper is fully closed or the front of your shirt will get soaked. Lesson 2. You cannot wear sunglasses beneath the visor in a monsoon. They will fog up and you can’t see. Lesson 3. Your gloves are going to get soaked. Lesson 4. Your boots will fill with water.

Now that I’ve learned these things, next time will be a better experience. If I’d been camping tonight, I’d be miserable so I’m lucky.

The Naval Aviation Museum was my heaven. So many cool things to geek out over. The Aircraft Carrier Documentary was actually pretty lame and not worth the $8 to see it. The history channel could have done a better job.

I was impressed at the number of significant aircraft on display.

One thing to mention though. In all of the museums I’ve ever been to, I’ve never seen a P-38. Anyone have a line on where I can find one? It’s my favorite. This place did have an Me-262. Super rare. Awesome. I think I touched it.

It’s been so nice to be with my cousins family. She has some really cool kids. We did motorcycle rides for a while tonight. I may have warped them a little bit. They all got off the bike, saying their dad had to get one. I would agree though.

14 thoughts on “Rain suit test”

  1. Scary about the rain! Adam once went from Moab to Denver on his Harley. It rained on him nearly the entire time. Shortly thereafter he sold that bike. Glad you learned those lessons so they can hopefully be prevented next time!


  2. Riding in the rain sucks but eventually you get caught in it. You’ll get wet eventually just about everywhere that rain can seep in. Jacket cuffs, pant cuffs, from zipper and collar. And when the sun comes out it’s like a personal sauna. Stay safe and enjoy yourself.


  3. You done been baptized the southern biker way! Hint: If you will close the vents on the lower faring, it will reduce (not eliminate) the amount of water hitting your boots. But if they’re not waterproof, it won’t matter much.

    The Naval Aviation Museum looks really cool. Adding that to my list of places to see.


  4. its always been my experience that if you ride a motorcycle in the rain, stuff is gonna get wet. no saddlebag or trunk is completely waterproof. no rainsuit is gonna keep you completely dry. but theyre better than nothing!
    im glad youre having a good time with your family. way cool!
    the aircraft museum is the kind of thing i would rather visit. the usual touristy stuff is way less interesting to me than something involving the learning about history.
    it sounds like youre enjoying yourself. good. keep that going!


  5. Sorry to hear ya got drenched!! I know you already know that “That’s motorcycling!!” It sure will make for lasting memories!! Was on a trip to Daytona Bike Week last March and got caught in one heck of a “deluge”. Learned to tighten up the neck area and wear rain boots. Now everything works good. I hardly get wet anymore. Lessons learned…ride safe Brother!!


  6. The Evergreen museum in McMinnville, OR used to have a P-38L on display but recently sold it to the Collings Foundation in Stow, MA.
    I haven’t looked them up, but the article I found that in mentioned they preserve living history…I haven’t been to the Evergreen museum in 8 years…but we thought it had a rather impressive collection.


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