Back at it

It was hard to see Megan go this afternoon. We had a really good time in NO though and I think we saw everything we wanted to. The days seemed to blend together and I’m kind of glad it was only as long as it was.

We had fun at the tomato festival this morning even though there really wasn’t that much going on.

I dropped Megan off at the airport at 2pm and I was on the road again. It didn’t take me very long to get through the city and soon I was on back roads through the bayou. Apparently that’s some people’s idea of a great place to retire. I assume the fishing is amazing and if that’s what you’re into, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place.

As I was driving up over lake Ponchartrain, a regatta was passing under the bridge. I stopped to take a couple photos.

The drive was interesting. Not too scenic but interesting nonetheless. I even drove past one of the largest military shipyards. I had no idea it was there.

As I was turning out of Mobile Alabama, I saw a sign for Battleship Park and the USS Alabama. Unfortunately I was 30 minutes past closing time so I couldn’t tour the ship itself but it was neat to explore the grounds. Quite a few other vehicles there as well.

My planned campground was another 47 miles away. I checked my distances and my cousins, who I plan to spend the next few days with, was only 51 miles away. I called and asked if I could come a day early. She graciously obliged and so I am on my way. I stopped to give her some more time and then I’ll finish my night there. I’m excited to see her family.

The south has been a great journey so far. It’s a beautiful place and so much more than I expected. And it’s not over yet. So much more to come.

4 thoughts on “Back at it”

  1. im glad you and your wife had a good time. i wish i had been able to go on east to mobile the first time i was down in that area. biloxi was the farthest east i got. the battleship and other stuff looks interesting. (the snakes and gators…not so much!) have you tried fresh fried alligator yet? or boudin? youre definitely in the area for some good food. enjoy!

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  2. Glad you visit with Megan was a great one! Now on to see your cousins…super you can skip across the country and re-new family relationships!! You’re bringing back memories of me being on the road for long trips…always itching for more miles! Even when it was over, I had the itch to get back on the road…funny how that works! Enjoy your ride Foe…it is truly one of a lifetime! Ride safe…

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  3. Ya man! I rode through that area of Mississippi above the Lake last year–real pretty area. Green, green green. Ride on.


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