Peaceful day.

I need one every now and then.

Not saying I haven’t had peaceful days before but today just felt good.

We took a horse drawn carriage ride around Charleston this morning. Learned some history and saw some neat buildings.

Later I ran some errands with my brother. Now that I think of it, I had a good moment today. My brother was selling a trailer and I went along as a “second”. The guy was a tool and was everything I hate about people. I kept my cool and while being present, I stayed quiet and out of the way. Yes, I had a plan but I didn’t have to implement it. That’s a good day.

I even got a short nap in today. What bliss that little action is. I need to do that more often. Maybe I just need to stop the bike at a park or something and knock one out for about 30 minutes. We’ll see.

I played with my adorable nieces for awhile and still can’t imagine why they like me so much. The littlest one takes me by my finger and leads me all of over the house. She is so cute.

It’s just the simple pleasures today. While that might not be interesting for you all to read about, it’s important for me to document a good day. I need to find a way to have more of them.

Quick note: if you are still reading this blog, will you do me a huge favor and share it to any groups you may find it applicable for? I am reaching people I never thought possible and I feel obligated to find those with PTSD before they become one of the 22.


One thought on “Peaceful day.”

  1. “and still can’t imagine why they like me so much. ”
    Another case of underestimating yourself, Jake.
    Glad you’re have a great time and I do share your blog with as many people as I can think of. We’ll keep praying for you.


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