Back on the road

Sorry about not posting yesterday. I have very sketchy internet access in this part of the world.

I’m currently sitting at a small breakfast joint in Franklin North Carolina. I’ve learned to do a quick ride around downtown an look for all of the cars. That means the locals eat there and it can’t be bad.

I left my brothers house yesterday morning at about 9:30am. They call that area the Low Country. Other than trees lining the road and the occasional small town, it was a pretty uneventful ride. I took some obscure back roads all day and so my top speed was never over 60mph. It took me forever to get anywhere, or at least it felt like it. It was beautiful, don’t get me wrong, and I was enjoying myself, it just looked and felt like every other road I’ve been on since Oklahoma. I guess that’s not fair. I just needed a change up of scenery.

I made it to Anderson South Carolina and went over to the Harley dealer to pick up a chip. And of course, they were closed. Just my luck though, they were doing inventory and let me go in to grab one. It’s the little things that matter.

After Anderson, I crossed into North Carolina and things started looking up, literally. The roads started climbing and winding. I even crossed the Eastern Continental Divide twice. I had to call my brother to rub it in a little. It’s obvious that this area is a vacation destination for the rich. I can’t blame them. This is the first area I’ve seen this trip that I thought I could justify moving to.

After the highest town of Highland (go figure) I began descending. 4 miles later I found a beautiful little forest service campground. It was only 6pm but my butt needed a break. I’d only done 370 miles but at slow speeds, that was a big day. As I was setting up camp, two different campers approached me to let me know that a big bear had been seen in the area, going through the dumpster. Oh well. I set up anyway. With time to kill and being hungry, I went back up the hill to Highland for dinner. Not a cheap place to eat anywhere, or that was open. I think I blew my food budget wide open.

Back at camp I made sure everything was buttoned up right and covered in the likely event of rain (I had been rained on several times already). I slept decently well and never heard anything walking around my camp site.

By 7:30 I was back on the road and that catches us up to where I am now. I am really looking forward to today’s ride.

Where I stopped for lunch. It’s a lake along the Savannah River corridor.

My wonderful sister-in-law made me a lunch. She packed chocolate covered acai berries. This is what it looked like after 6 hours at 90 degrees. Still yummy. But sticky. I think I can still lick some off my fingers.

Crossing into North Carolina. I also tried to capture the green and the curvy road. Pics can’t do it justice.

Same spot, just looking back into South Carolina and someone ugly got in the way.

An overlook

Same overlook

Bridal Veil Falls outside of Highland.

Looking up from my campsite.

Bear bait.

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