Feeling it today

Yes, it’s Fathers day. That makes it a lot harder of course. This is not the first Fathers day I’ve missed. If I really think about it, I think I’ve missed quite a few. The National Guard has a habit of scheduling the “two week” annual training over Fathers day. Between that and deployments, you’d think I’d be ok with it. It just seems more difficult this time.

I think that’s because this time it’s self inflicted.

It’s days like this that force you to be introspective. Not that I haven’t been doing a ton of that lately. Maybe today more than most.

I’m doing ok and I had a good day. I guess I’m just feeling quiet. Calm. Maybe a little depressed if I’m being honest. I’m glad I’m with family today or it would be overwhelming.

I had a good conversation with my son. He was home alone for the weekend and still called. That meant a lot to me.

The rest of the family was with my wife’s parents and sister in Park City. I got to talk with all of them later. They’re a crazy crew, especially when they’re all trying to talk at the same time.

I even got to talk with my dad for a few minutes.

I hope everyone out there had a good day.

I’m back on the road tomorrow and really looking forward to this next section.

2 thoughts on “Feeling it today”

  1. Between being away on Fathers Day and road fatigue, it is understandable that you were down a little yesterday. But the fact that your son and family took the initiative to call is a testament to their love, respect, and support for you. Ride with your head held high today!

    …and enjoy those beautiful roads in Western North Carolina!


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