Super quick!

My phone is dying. It (and I) got absolutely soaked today several times while riding through West Virginia.

The phone is water proof but it won’t charge when it detects moisture and I’m sure it’s detecting A LOT of moisture. So basically I can’t charge it.

West Virginia was amazing. Check out route 311 if you’re ever near Roanoke and need to get over to White Sulpher Springs.

I hid out at a local Harley dealer, along with about 100 other riders. There’s a Fire and Iron Motorcycle club national meeting in the area.

I was soaked completely through. It snuck up on me and I didn’t have time to suit up.

It rained again later but this time I was prepared.

Now I’m in a hotel again for the night. Rain is expensive.

3 thoughts on “Super quick!”

  1. Well you’re sure gettin’ a lot of experience ridin’ in the rain!! Nice to have in your back pocket! Looks like some great roads too! I second the Bunker tour at the Greenbriar…lots of history there! Ride safe…


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