A good place.

Today’s ride took me from the middle of Washington to the west coast. I followed the North Cascades Scenic Highway. It isn’t the best road I’ve ridden this trip, but it hands down had the best views.

You be the judge:

I was having an amazing time. I really wished I could have had my dad stay with me an extra day just so he could have experienced this. It would have been worth it.

He iron manned it all the way home. He left at about 4:30am and rode 750 miles all the way back to Star Valley Wyoming. Crazy.

Once I made to to Burlington I stopped in at a Harley dealer because I needed a 20k service. I feel like I just got the 15k service. It was about two weeks ago.

They were actually really cool. They bumped me to the front of very busy queue and within 3 hours, I was out of there.

I’ve learned to trust my bikes navigation in some respects. If I need specific routes, I have to plug those in but if I don’t care, I allow it to find the best scenic route and so far it has done really well. Today was no different.

As I rode it was neat to see cities I remembered spending time in, populate themselves on the map.

I had a quick stop to meet up with my brother and then we headed over to an old friends home. I haven’t seen her since she came to our wedding in 1998. She was one of my teachers and I wish I had been a better student for her. She deserved better than me. I wonder if we all feel that way when we look back on our youthful days. I sure do.

I definitely enjoyed my teenage years and I recall them fondly. It’s good to be back.

We even walked around a park tonight.

When I got back I caught someone trying to steal my motorcycle!

Good thing she couldn’t reach the ground.

Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to burn me out and I just need some quiet time. That may be something I can’t find for a few days.

5 thoughts on “A good place.”

  1. Oh my gosh… you were so close! Happy to hear the Harley in Burlington treated you well! They are good folks there. We live in a beautiful state!

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  2. glad your dad got to ride with you, and made it home safely. beautiful pictures. i love the northwest! sounds like that dealer is what all dealerships should be! kudos to them for treating you right. 20,000 miles..wow….seems like a day or two ago that you were introducing yourself and your new bike on the forum! youve definitely put down some miles. just keep doin what youre doin, riding safely, seeing this country, family and friends. and, posting the pictures so that we’re there with you! Godspeed Jake.

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  3. Gkad to see you got over the north cascades i always thought the west to east was more scenic route. I was. Raised at Winthrop and retired out of bremerton at a place called Grapeview. I ride with. CVMA 11-1

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