I can’t begin to explain how it feels to see the cities of Sammamish and Issaquah pop up on my GPS.

When I lived in Issaquah, it was only Issaquah. After o graduated and moved on, where I lived became Sammamish.

It is excitement mixed with anxiety mixed with hopefulness.

I am strangely peaceful and excited for the next few days. There are a lot of people I hope to see but my isolationist self may try to keep me from going out of my way.

Is it more about the people or the place? Will it be enough to just ride around and check out the old haunts?

Probably not.

I was almost moved to tears last night while setting up meetings with a couple of old friends. It has been decades.

This will be an interesting few days.

One thought on “Euphoria”

  1. Reconnecting with old friends will be good for you to help you remember your younger self , meeting them on your old stomping grounds will bring back the good times you forgot about. Make new good memories to replace the bad ones. Have fun , ride safe.

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