I am sorry to have left this hanging so suddenly. I really need to write a summary of my trip and how I feel about it. It seems pretty daunting. I haven’t really decided where to start.

I’m working on it. I promise it will happen or I can’t really say I feel complete.

Things are good at home. Not 100% changed and I still find myself lapsing. Overall though things are better.

We’re doing ok.

4 thoughts on “Decompressing”

  1. jake, i have found that it takes a minute to unwind from any trip of more than just a day. i can imagine the amount of time necessary for a trip like you took. we all understand that. youll get your summary written when you get it written. your trip didnt just take a day. neither will that! relax, savor, rest, and unwind on YOUR schedule. we’ll all be here.

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  2. Good to hear you are doing well and looking forward to your summary. Lots of info to work through I suspect. It’s been a great time riding sidecar and you’ve done a great service to yourself and the veteran and motorcycling community.

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  3. Hi Jake, just checking in on you…hope you are settling in to family life and things are going well… don’t forget your two wheel therapy when you need it.


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