I’m not a people person. I used to be, and I’m trying hard these days to reverse my tendencies. It’s a struggle. I have become better at it. I really think that was one part of the trip that really got better the further along I was.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people on my trip the last few days and I thought it would be interesting to thank them all. In the order I met them or interacted with them. Some names I don’t remember and I hope they’ll forgive me.

On day 1 I rode the first 200 miles with Shane Johnson. My former squad leader from my 1st tour.

I spent four days with Matt and Breanne Weber in San Antonio Texas.

I met Adam Sandoval in Oklahoma and camped at his campground.

I also met and rode with John from Oklahoma.

In Eureka Springs Arkansas I was able to spend the night and a great day riding with Tim

My lovely wife Megan met me for four days in New Orleans.

I spent four days with Tadlee and Carrie Welty in Pace Florida

I met three wonderful people. One of whom was a vet, at a campground on the edge Ochlockonee Bay Florida.

I spent four days with Adam and Tiffany Weber in Charleston South Carolina.

I had lunch in Robbinsville North Carolina with a great group of people that really made my day.

In Pigeon Forge Tennessee I had dinner with a couple of veterans who are just beginning their retirement journey.

In Waynesboro Virginia I linked up with Patrick Clark and Kevin for a nice evening of intriguing conversation and a really nice ride the next day.

In Manassas Virginia I stayed four days with Rick and Amy Buongiovanni.

My fourth of July fireworks cruise on the bay near Portland Maine would have been a lot less interesting without the really funny couple from New York city.

Rob and Jenn were kind enough to offer me a place to stay and get cleaned up in Ohio. I think the world of them.

My dad, Stephen Weber rode all of the way from his home in Wyoming to ride with me for a few days through Montana, Idaho and Washington.

In Kalispell Montana, a friend from home happened to be in the area. Amy Osness, her husband Mark and her son Ethan met my dad and I for dinner.

The Rowe family, whom I hadn’t really met before, allowed me to stay in their busy home in Bellevue Washington for three days.

During those three days I was able to spend a good amount of time with Adam and Tiffany Gorski.

I also had a perfect evening of dinner and conversation with Nikolai and Amber Puchlov.

To make that evening even better, Dan and Marcia both made the effort to come show me some love. To never be forgotten.

Camping along the Oregon coast, a beautiful and kind family welcomed me to their breakfast table.

I was able to spend two days with an old friend, Shaun and Sarah Tucker. Way too much fun.

Last but not least, I was able to relax for a couple of days with my in-laws, David and Marjory Newport.

If I forgot anyone here, rest assured I haven’t actually forgotten you, I just suck and writing things out.

This list doesn’t even get into the hundreds or maybe even thousands of people I had short conversations with, interacted with or maybe just waved to. They all meant something to me because I was trying. I didn’t just stare straight ahead and ignore everyone.

It also doesn’t mention all of the people who helped behind the scenes. Those who sent messages of encouragement. Those who helped financially, those who just made sure that I knew they were pulling for me.

People really did make this trip great. You are all what I will remember most.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “People”

  1. I’m glad you are home safe. I think you did it right by being ready to be done at the end of your trip. You won’t be wishing you did more. We have many things in common , but for different reasons. I had deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Seabee. My two wheel therapy did not begin until I was divorced after 20 years and my dad died. Riding gave me my life back, but riding often is important to maintain my happiness. I’m really interested to know how you are doing months and even a couple years from now. Thanks for maintaining your blog during your trip, I could really relate to you and best of luck for your future.

    Tony Bennett
    CVMA 11-5

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  2. jake…
    i have really enjoyed your posts and pictures. they have been a bright spot in the day for me. it really is the people along the way that make a trip. without them, it would be just a bunch of scenery. pictures in a book. even though the longest trip i ever took was 36 years ago, and the scenery was very beautiful, it was the people i interacted with along the way that made it memorable.
    thank you again for sharing your trip with all of us.

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  3. You forgot the most important person regarding your trip!! YOU…Jake…YOU… without you sharing your feelings and opening yourself up to very private thoughts this trip would have just been a tour like many other people take. Yours was special because of YOU!! Thanks for sharing…it was something special for me too!

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