Book 2

Here we go, again. But this time it’s different, and I’m excited.

Let me tell you about my day. I know that in my last post, I ranted a bit about my calendar and the anxiety that it causes. Well, then I have a great day like this and it makes me seem crazy. Let’s get this out of the way, yes, I’m crazy. If anxiety was easier to handle then we could all be normal. Normal people see my reaction to things and don’t understand it. Other people with anxiety get it. I will get all worked up over something but then still have the best time. It doesn’t make any sense.

My day started at 2:45am Utah time. Megan agreed to drive me down to the St. George Shuttle stop. I was surprised to see my 2 youngest boys sitting on the couch. They wanted to come with me to see me off. I thought that was sweet. Anyway, made it to the shuttle, then the shuttle to Las Vegas for a 6am flight to San Francisco where I connected to Sacramento. Landed in Sacramento at 9am California time.

And now Mike H. enters the story. He’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. Today I’m buying his 2014 BMW F800 GS Adventure bike. For the last two weeks he and I have had many phone calls and hundreds of texts, not all of them about the motorcycle. He’s just a cool guy and I’ve never even met him, until now. Mike has driven over two hours to come pick me up at the Sacramento airport. We meet finally and he’s even better in person. I have a new helmet and jacket waiting for me at a Cycle Gear shop so we head that way. Unfortunately for me, that place is a motorcycle candy store. $1300 later and I’m also leaving with a pair of Sena 20s headsets (the second is for my dad and our rides together), a Garmin Zumo XT GPS unit and new riding boots. Now that I’m happily broke, we get lunch and then drive another two hours to get to Mike’s house. It’s been a long day of traveling and I’m finally getting to where I started this whole journey for.

The motorcycle is in perfect condition and only has 7,300 miles on it. I think I put 7,300 on my Harley in the first month. This bike had better be ready for some serious miles. Mike goes over everything with me and even helps me set up the GPS. I’m now ready to start my trip back to Utah. I’ve been up for 12 hours at this point and it’s about 3pm. So much to do. Mike’s help doesn’t end here though. He hops on his other bike and leads me out. He is intending to show me Yosemite National Park. I’ve never been, oddly enough, and it’s “on the way” to my first night hotel in Bridgeport California.

Wow, not much else to say, but I’ll try. Words won’t give it justice. Yosemite is spectacular. Following Mike on beautiful winding roads is too much fun. The new bike handles like a sports car compared to the Harley. It’s a lot to get used to but it doesn’t take me very long. My new Bluetooth headset pairs with Mike’s so we’re able to talk the whole time. I am asking a million questions about the bike, the area, the history, his life, everything. He’s a great person to talk to. And seriously, who sells you something and then spends the ENTIRE day with you making sure you’re happy? Mike does. Mike gets a full 5 stars for service. I’d recommend buying anything from him. After about 140 miles together, Mike finally has to peel off and head home, while I continue on to Bridgeport. I’m starving at this point. In the little town of Lee Vining I come across a BBQ joint, Bodie Mike’s. It’s good, nothing special but I’d recommend it and go back if possible. 25 miles later, I get to my hotel room in the dark, breaking my no riding in the dark rule on day 1 of ownership. Oh well, I got to check out how the lights work. Harley could learn something from BMW lights.

Bringing us all to the end of a huge and amazing and exhausting day. I’ve been up for over 19 hours. I’ve traveled by car, van, plane, plane, car and motorcycle. I’m going to sleep. Another day on the bike tomorrow. I’ll be riding across Nevada towards my room in Pioche. A little old historic town in the middle of nowhere. I’m excited.

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