Here I am.

Wherever that may be. Currently sitting at a campsite near Strawberry reservoir above Heber Utah. I’ll be here at the State Park campground until the 20th. It’s not bad. Fairly quiet although more and more campers are coming in for the weekend. It’s basically boondocking. There aren’t any hookups although there is potable water and a black tank dump just couple hundred yards away. Doesn’t mean I want to pack up the trailer just to go over there. I am hoping to make it the entire time without having to replenish or empty tanks. We’ll see. Anyway, it was fun really getting setup for real. I emptied the garage and got all of the couches, beds and a table set up. Not because I had to, but because I could. It didn’t take long and all of my toys are available. Here’s a couple shots of how it looked.

You may notice I got a kayak. Picked it up the other night after a fun evening and diner with my brothers family. That evening though I discovered a huge screw in my motorcycle’s front tire. And then I immediately dropped my phone and finished it off. Knowing I had to be out of the rv resort by noon, the next day was going to be cramped for time. I made it all work with a fixed tire and new tube, a new phone and then made it to where I currently am with enough time left over for my kayaks first outing on the lake.

That was fun even though this morning, my pecs are a bit sore. My dad warned me that would happen. A new muscle group for me. That’s a good thing.

Today I took the Kayak down to the Provo river and went about 4.5 miles down it with my daughter Liv and my brothers family again. Pretty mild river but it was a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to the option of getting out on the water on my lonely days.

Did I mention lonely? Yep. It is. I don’t have anyone to talk with or share my day with. While I was feeling pretty down about that earlier, my youngest three called me out of the blue and we were able to chat for awhile. That was wonderful. I really miss them and can’t wait until they get to visit. My dad is also really good at giving me a call everyday. I also love all of the messages I get each day and appreciate the short conversations. But, nothing replaces just being able to talk aimlessly with someone about absolutely nothing, or the most important things. I miss that already.


5 thoughts on “Here I am.”

  1. Gardar, ND has a nice little camp ground. I love in this very, very , very small town. If you find your way this way stop on in and have a drink and chat. Keep up the adventure and blog. Very good reads.


  2. When you learn to enjoy the time alone, you can then understand what it is to be content. That’s where healing starts and happiness will follow.


  3. After the practice race in Manti a little alone time sounds awesome.
    I may not be cure for loneliness, but you can call anytime.


  4. Jake, you can always call or text me, especially when it comes to aimlessly!! I hope that you can find peace and a balance with your situation as you work into your new normal.


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