I started today early. I’m getting in the habit of deflating my air mattress as soon as I wake up so I’m not tempted to lay there, hoping for more sleep. It makes it hard to catch extra zzz’s on a flat bed.

I dragged myself up to the sounds of birds and something else rooting around my tent. That something else turned out about 20 Javelinas. That was a new experience. I chased them off as best I could and got packed up. My intent was to get out on the road before it really got hot.

77 degrees was my initial roll out temp and that was heaven compared with yesterday. Time and miles quickly passed as I made my way out of Big Bend NP. Not bad. Not worth doing again though.

I hit Marathon and fueled up. My bike will go about 250 miles on a tank and it was just less than 170 to Del Rio. Perfect.

Not so perfect. It wasn’t a bad ride but the wind was crazy. That, and doing 75mph on the bike will eat fuel like crazy. I had 20 miles of reserve when I made it to Del Rio. Phew.

Grabbed lunch and while sitting there, I decided what route I was going to take. A friend had suggested a route called the twisted sisters near Leakey. I’m glad I took that advice.

Amazing. I have totally changed my opinion of Texas. So far…

I was rolling through trees, hills, over rivers and creeks, and winding corners.

This is what motorcycles were made for. I even turned around and went back to do a section a second time. So good.

This was heaven, especially compared to yesterday.

The icing on the cake is that I made it to my brothers house in San Antonio after 477.3 miles. I’m going to spend the next few days here spending some time with his family and seeing what they’ve been up to. The biggest bonus is that this guy can cook. Really cook. If I wasn’t fat before, I will be now. And I was before. Stop nodding your head. Oh, and he can get us into 6 flags for free. I might be here longer than anticipated.

Today was redemption and I really needed it.

Oooh. And I was just given flowers.

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